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    The enterprise culture 追求、務實、奮發進取 
    The pursuit of excellence, efficient, pragmatic and enterprising

    Our commitment to the market brought with the idea of quality, credibility and efficiency to the south, south means selection quality, choose southern means that choose a reliable partner.


    The enterprise culture 以質量求生存、以安全作保證、以管理求效益
    Strives for the survival by the quality and safety guaranteed, to management for efficiency

    Management is the foundation of communication, is the connotation of service, management is the process of the full range of quality assurance,

     the purpose of business is to create value for the enterprise and society. On this basis, the company defines management idea in the enterprise culture, team building


    Team spirit 以人為本、團結進取、學習創新
    People-oriented, unity and enterprising, learning innovation



    Firm growth is the key to people, and the south of attracting talent is the key to provide talents with an equal, harmonious, orderly and can give full play to the ability of the stage, 

    do southerners and the common development of both, therefore, in the perfect system at the same time, we are more committed to popularize a loyal, dedicated and learning. Enterprise spirit of unity.

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